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domingo, 9 de diciembre de 2012

Lista Completa De Juegos 3DO

Lista De Juegos
20th Century Video Almanac
3D Atlas
3DO Action Pak (AD&D Slayer, Dragon's Lair, Soccer Kid, Shanghai Triple Threat)
3DO Game Guru
3DO Games: Decathlon
3DO Interactive Sampler #1
3DO Interactive Sampler #2
3DO Interactive Sampler #3
3DO Interactive Sampler #4
3DO Magazine 01
3DO Magazine 02
3DO Magazine 03
3DO Magazine 04
3DO Magazine 05
3DO Magazine 06
3DO Magazine 07
3DO Magazine 08
3DO Magazine 09
3DO Magazine 10
3DO Magazine 11
3DO Magazine 12
3DO Magazine 13
3DO Maniac Pack (Alone in the Dark, Way of the Warrior, Out of This World, Battle Chess)
3DO Multi Game Sampler Number 3, The (EU)
3DO REAL - Tokubetsu Puremiamu CD - Hatsubai 1 Shuuren (1994)(Panasonic)(JP)[!]
3DO Storage Manager
3DO TES -  Training Educational System
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: DeathKeep
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Slayer
AI Shogi
Akagi: Topaiten
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Demo)
Alone In The Dark
Alone in the Dark 2
Animals!, The
Aqua World: Umibi Monogatari
AutoBahn Tokio
AutoBahn Tokio (Demo)
AV Girl Mahjong
Ballz: The Director's Cut
Battery Navi
Battery Navi Ver. II
Battle Blues
Battle Chess
Battle Pinball
BC Racers
Blade Force
Blonde Justice
Blue Forest Story: Kaze no Fuuin
BodyConscious Digital Rave Part 1 
Book of Life and Death - The Competition
Brain Dead 13
Burning Soldier
C.P.U. Bach, Sid Meier's
Cannon Fodder
Captain Quazar
Carrier: Fortress At Sea
Club 3DO - Station Invasion
Cogal Mahjong
Conan: The Boy in the Future Digital Library
Confrontation Wax Water
Corpse Killer
Coven, The
Cowboy Casino
Crash 'N Burn
Crayon Shin Chan: The Big Magic Puzzle (Life's Riddle)
Creature Shock
Crime Patrol
Daedalus Encounter
Daedalus Encounter: Episode 1 - Nanpasen no Alien (Demo)
Deep Blue Fleet
Defcon 5
Demolition Man
Dennis Miller: That's News to Me
Dennou Hyouryuu: Multimedia Cruising
Digital Dreamware
Dinopark Tycoon
Doctor Hauzer
Doraemon Yuujou Densetsu
Doraemon Yuujou Densetsu (Demo)
Graduation Final (Demo)
Dragon Knight III, Knights of Xentar
Dragon Lore: The Legend Begins
Dragon Tycoon Edge
Dragon's Lair
Drug Wars
D's Diner: Director's Cut
Eigo de Go! - Gateway to English
EMIT Vol. 1: Toki no Maigo
EMIT Vol. 2: Meigake no Tabi
EMIT Vol. 3: Watashi ni Sayonara o
Endlessly (Vivid)
Escape From Monster Manor
ESPN Baseball: Interactive Hitting
ESPN Golf: Lower Score w/ Tom Kite
ESPN Let's Go Skiing
ESPN Let's Play Beach Volleyball
ESPN Let's Play Soccer
ESPN Let's Play Tennis w/ Tracy Austin
ESPN Step Aerobics
Eye of Typhoon, The
F-1 GP
Family Feud
Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise
Fatty Bear's Funpack
FIFA International Soccer
Fire Ball!!
Flashback: The Quest For Identity
Flopon the Space Mutant
Flying Nightmares
Foes of Ali
Footie (on bonus disc)
Fun 'n Games, Fan Game: Soft no Omochabako
Furopon World/Flopon World
Game Master
Ghost Hunter Series: The Mask of Black Death
Global Defense
Go Time Trial
Go Time Trial 2
Go: Ishii's Nine Steps of Domination
Goal FH
Graduation Final
Graduation II: Neo Generation Special
Grand Chef of the Kingdom
Grimm's Masterpiece Theater 1: Bremen Town Musicians
Grimm's Masterpiece Theater 2: Hansel & Gretel
Grimm's Masterpiece Theater 3: Little Red Riding Hood
Guardian War
Gunslinger Collection
Happy Birthday 3DO
Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller
Hello Kitty Toy Box
Hirata Shogo Interactive Picture Book: Aesop's Fable/Ants and Grasshoppers
Hirata Shogo Interactive Picture Book: Cinderella
Hirata Shogo Interactive Picture Book: Ookami to Shichi Hiki no Koyagi
Hirata Shogo Interactive Picture Book: Snow White
Hirata Shogo Interactive Picture Book: The Little Mermaid
Hirata Shogo Interactive Picture Book: Three Little Pigs
Horde, The
IceBreaker 2
Ide Yosuke Meijin no Shinmi Sen Mahjong
Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2: Hyper Edition
Immortal Desire
Incredible Machine, The
Insect War
Interplay 3DO Buffet
Iron Angel of the Apocalypse
Iron Angel of the Apocalyspe: The Return
J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues
Janken Paradise
J-League Virtual Stadium
J-League Virtual Stadium '95
John Madden Football
Johnny Bazookatone
Jurassic Park Interactive
Kakinoki Shogi
Kamachi's Museum
Kero Kero Keroppi and the Origami Experts
Killing Time
Kingdom: The Far Reaches
Kisekai Paradise
Kurokishi no Kamen
Kyoto Murder Mystery
Achieve Peace: An Almanac for Improving Your Fortune
Last Bounty Hunter, The
Life Stage, The- Virtual House
Little House, The
Live! 3DO Magazine CD-ROM #01
Live! 3DO Magazine CD-ROM #02
Live! 3DO Magazine CD-ROM #03
Live! 3DO Magazine CD-ROM #04
Live! 3DO Magazine CD-ROM #05
Live! 3DO Magazine CD-ROM #06
Live! 3DO Magazine CD-ROM #07
Live! 3DO Magazine CD-ROM #08
Live! 3DO Magazine CD-ROM #09
Live! 3DO Magazine CD-ROM #10
Live! 3DO Magazine CD-ROM #11
Lost Eden
Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes, The
Love Bites
Lucienne's Quest
Lucienne's Quest (Demo)
Macaroni Town Interactive
Mad Dog McCree
Mad Dog McCree 2: The Lost Gold
Mahjong Gokuu Tenjiku
Mahjong Paradise Special
Marine Tour - Diving Spot Guide
Masters: Harukanaru Augusta 3
Masters: Harukanaru Augusta 3 (Demo)
Mathemagics: An Interactive Learning Cube
Mind Teazzer
Mitsumasa Anno's Four Seasons in Pepperon
Miyuki Nakajima Sampler
Monoshiri Freedom School
Montana Jones
Montana Jones
Moon Cradle
Driving School
Murphy da yo Zenin Shuugou (Murphy's Law/Murphy's TV)
N.O.B. - Neo Organic Bioform
Nais How's - Front How's 95
Name Onomancy
Naoko to Hide Bou: Kanji no Tensai 1
Need For Speed, The
Nemurenu Yoru no Chiisana Ohanashi
NeuroDancer: Journey Into The Neuronet!
New How's - Front How's 94
Nice Body All-Star Suiei Taikai
Night Trap
Nobunaga's Ambition
Oceans Below
Off-World Interceptor
Ogura Hyakunin Isshu
Olympic Soccer
Olympic Summer Games
OnSide Soccer
Orbatak (cancelled trackball arcade game)
Out Of This World
OverDrivin' (Demo)
Oyaji Hunter Mahjong
Pachi-Slot Simulator Vol. 1
Paddock Note '95
Panasonic REAL 3DO - (Demo)nstration CD
Panasonic REAL 3DO - Sampler CD (AZ)
Panasonic REAL 3DO - Sampler CD (BZ)
Panasonic REAL 3DO - Sampler CD (JP)
Panasonic REAL 3DO - Sampler CD (PAL)
Panasonic Special CD-ROM (JP)
Panzer General
Pebble Beach Golf Links
Penthouse Interactive: Virtual Photo Shoot Vol. 1
Perfect General, The
Peter Frankl: Tower of Challenge/Magic Puzzle World
PGA Tour '96
Phoenix 3
Plumbers Don't Wear Ties
Policenauts Pilot Disk
Powerslide (unreleased)
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (Demo)
Primal Rage
Prime Suspect
Princess Maker 2
Pro Stadium
Psychic Detective
Puppet Tales
Putt-Putt Goes To The Moon
Putt-Putt Joins The Parade
Putt-Putt's Fun Pack
Puzzle Bobble (Demo)
Pyramid Intruder
Quarterback Attack with Mike Ditka
Real Pinball
Return Fire
Return Fire: Maps O' Death
Rise Of The Robots
Road Rash
Road Rash (Demo)
Robinson's Requiem
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV
Royal Pro Wrestling
Rush'n'Fire Megadas
Rush'n'Fire Megadas (Demo)
Sample This!
Sampler III and Storage Manager
Samurai Shodown
San Goku Shi IV
Scramble Cobra
Scramble Cobra (Demo)
Seal of the Pharaoh (Virtual Quest Pharaoh no Fuuin)
Secre: Fumin's Toy Box
Seimei Handan
Naoko to Hide Bou: Sansuu no Tensai 1
Naoko to Hide Bou: Sansuu no Tensai 2
Sento Monogatari: Sono 1
Sesame Street: Numbers
Sewer Shark
Shadow: War Of Succession
Shanghai: Triple-Threat
Shelley Duvall's It's a Bird's Life
Shock Wave
Shock Wave (Demo)
Shock Wave: Operation Jumpgate (add-on disc)
Shock Wave: Operation Jumpgate (Demo)
Shockwave 2: Beyond The Gate
Short Warp - Warp's Short Game Collection
Slam 'N Jam '95
SlopeStyle: An Interactive Learning Cube
Snow Job
Soccer Kid
Space Ace
Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels
Space Pirates
Space Shuttle
Star Control II
Star Fighter
Star Wars: Rebel Assault
Starblade (Demo)
Stellar 7: Draxon's Revenge
Striker: World Cup Special
Suchie Pal Special
Super Real Mahjong P. IV + Aishou Shindan
Super Real Mahjong P. V
Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Demo)
Super Wing Commander
Supermodel Gail McKenna
Supermodels Go Wild
Supreme Warrior
Susono Country Club: Golf Course Multimedia Tour
Tanjou: Debut Pure
Tarot Card Fortune Teller
The Letter That Overcame Time
The Tower
Theatre Wars
ThemePark (Demo)
Time Warner Music Group Promo CD
Together with Nontan: Play in the Fields
Together with Nontan: The Star's Gift
ToonTime the Classroom
Total Eclipse
Total Eclipse (Demo)
Total Eclipse (Demo) (White Cover)
Toyopet OutDoor World
Toyopet RV Paddock
Tozasarata Yakata
Twinkle Knights
Twisted: The Game Show
Uchuu Seibutsu Furopon-Kun 2 (Demo)
Ultraman Powered
V-Goal Soccer '96
V-Goal Soccer '96 (Demo)
Virtual Cameraman Part 1: Sawada Naomi and Juri Anna
Virtual Cameraman Part 2: Kawai Natsumi and Tachihara Kimi
Virtual Cameraman Part 3: Sugimoto Yumika
Virtual Cameraman Part 4: Toya Shiori
Virtual Cameraman Part 5: Anzo Ari
Virtual Puppet Reika
Virtual Stadium Professional Baseball
Virtual Stadium Professional Baseball (Demo)
Virtual Vivid Sampler
VR Stalker
Wacky Races
Wacky Races 2: In Space
Waialae Country Club
Way of the Warrior
Who Shot Johnny Rock?
Wicked 18 (Devil's Course JP)
Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger
Winners Take All
Winning Post
Wolfenstein 3D
Woody Woodpecker & Friends: Volume One
Woody Woodpecker & Friends: Volume Three
Woody Woodpecker & Friends: Volume Two
World Cup Golf: Hyatt Dorado Beach
World Cup Special
World Cup Super Stadium
Yakyuuken Special, The
Yamada Kamachi Bijutsukan: Kamachi's Museum
Yu Yu Hakusho
Zhadnost: The People's Party

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